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    wts stuff

    WTS 7k ec 100 mill around 3 slot shuta,blode,biglos, exc fly 3/3 2 slot kark 2/2 good ele top/glove/pants/boots lv 55 chakram scioned ranked ! pm me here with pp price !
  4. Right now? No. Osiy is showing no signs of life and his the only one who has access to the actual server, So if some things breaks then I don't believe anyone else can fix it and bring the server back up. It was a great run, Its a shame its come to this.
  5. So when will the server crash? Is there any point in starting to play on this server?
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  7. WOC MD,DC,VA area slang word that means: Waste Of Cum. Literally.
  8. Yo all. i want to trade my justac item's/unique's/hh set's/gold's etc etc for CC or PP in Alcadia! Tell me here pm or ingame Yamagishi.!
  9. I was in cm as I was also in webzen too.. I was in diameter even before unique accs were introduced in the game... And hell yes, it's boring leveling, it was a hell leveling in cm or webzen and need like a week to make lvls just 1to 30 or a little higher... Thing is that without the presence of the admin server seems dead... hosting and domain are paid so we expect a server crash or domain or hosting to end to stop playing once and for all.. No people on the server means no economy on server... If we need to buy or sell something, no one sells except for PayPal, no one buys because no one wants to spend money for something that seems dead... All this has nothing to do with alla these things you answered... People will always want easy solutions... Until admin comes back there is no solution for anything
  10. I agree with you. When i first started playing Archlord ( a friend introduced me into this game ) , i was wondering around places,towns looking at people's lvl and thinking " WOW THAT MUST BE NICE BEING LVL XX" . I lvled hard without CC,stones etc . . I was lucky i had a friend knight lvl 60+ ( Karmin was his name ) he helped me alot with buffs. I made a knight lvl 50 and stopped . After that i tried elem and fell inlove . I remember staying in line waiting for my turn to grind in Asylum ( mummy spot ) , there were 5,6 players everyday at any hour waiting for his/her turn . Everyone was friendly and peacefull ( we all knew this game is hard and we need to help eachother in order to reach higher lvls ) . First time in Ice ( Archer+Elem ), First time in light and Poison. First unique drop,selling res stones at high price,inserting all kind of wings in normal necks just to look cool., buying 500 stacks of lens and use it only for buffs,using rare gear, making a higher lvl gear and while grinding looking at it and waiting to reach the lvl to put it on you . First time pking and going white skull and get pwned by guards ..Killing guards with Mage reflect dmg buff . I had alot of respect for Xxmikkxx and Darkdog for example ..plus the other 99's . Asking for buffs in town. These are few moments ... i could write an essay about my Archlord experience .
  11. is there a way to save UI preferences as default ? i mean i would like to move the "System" tab on the Right Side alone, while having on the left all the rest stuff clean while being able watching the drops etc on a second windows, save the size of it or whatever as a client default choice? Even Tabs i add need to be readded on EVERY TOON seperately...
  12. Well it works perfect in general BUT noticed on my swash (i don't know for other toons) that Block stat doesn't increase when using it... while it should this means less block for swash PLUS no use for "Improved Strike" too..
  13. alcadia server off? 😮 i not know login ^^ why? 😮
  14. alcadia server off? 😮 i not know login
  15. 15.06.2017. - 15.06.2019. happy B-day Alcadia... ;(
  16. MoHok ,this game it was one of the Best on Codmaster time,and i know many players from many countries who spend years to build 1 caracter...People this days not have patience ,and expecting max level caracter in few days, Then what ?? losing interest,.Have nothing to do.Login,have all caracters max level.full uniqe and ?? I play this game for 7-8 years or more..but like i say lost interest. in the begining,One max 99 lv player use to be rare at first and somehow respected.and we all hope to be like him. It's only my opinion.and my reason to stop to play..i Miss the original game stille....
  17. this poll has no meaning... most people have moved to WoC, but even people who were/are playing here not looking at the forum unless they need it.. thing is that server is dead.... and an MMO actually to be MMO needs people be playing and not like 3 people loging with 5 clients each 😜 personally i moved to WoC and i hate that server for real bugs are sh.1t there, it's not stable etc... and i can assure everyone that Admin here has done a really serious and good job on this server to be in the shape we know it (low lags, being stable, almost everything that is supposed it should be working it's actually working), the rates of real money/CC are great, it's possible for everyone to buy if someone wants too.. problems starts when a) Admin is missing b) noone else is on his place (there should be like 3-4 people watching the server when admin is absent) when WoC started i noticed tonz of botters in the server for example... someone should take care of this problem... i hope this Server makes a comeback so people come back and have fun here again... as i said an MMO needs people to be an MMO... and the thing about servers has nothing to do about loyalty or whatever... i have made donations, like many many others too...i have spent time in this server too.. BUT....
  18. admin is in burn out
  19. I downloaded the client but when I try to run it a window pops up for less than a second and disappears.
  20. just give us sions ^^
  21. the server still functions though so why would you leave..i see no reason @Skawalker
  22. I will play WoC untill Osiy comes back. Hopefully. I really like Alcadia, its a best server i played after CM, but unfortunately ( and i repeat UNFORTUNATELY ) it is abandoned from Admin, for some reason.
  23. No, I don't have any social media or phone of his.
  24. In all this time osiy never gave you a number or his social media to reach out to him? Are we really gonna let this shit woc server be the death blow for alcadia?
  25. Wait for 15 min and then log in again.
  26. hey, i downloaded the server a few days ago and created an account, but couldn't play cuz the server was down, now that it is up i didn't remember the password i used, so i created another account and now it says "password or name invalid for 3 times game will now shutdown", do i need to wait some time? or is my game locked for good? it's kinda weird.
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