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    I don't know what is currently going on with the admin, he didn't tell me. He came back on 22nd of may and sent me message regarding the current situations. He didn't mention that he would be gone for a longer period of time again so I assume that something came up again. He told me that he has some plans for the server in the future. There were no words from him that he has any intention in closing the server. I've heard that there speculations on me working/playing on this server. I can say that neither do I play nor work on this server. If someone is pretending to be me on this server, then it is certainly not correct.
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    I will play WoC untill Osiy comes back. Hopefully. I really like Alcadia, its a best server i played after CM, but unfortunately ( and i repeat UNFORTUNATELY ) it is abandoned from Admin, for some reason.
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    You do realise that Baldurs in the exact same boat as us right? He hasn't been told anything nor is Osiy replying to him anymore then his replying to us. It's even worse for him because people have stopped messaging Osiy and started messaging shit to Baldur instead despite Baldur having no control over it. This is a very shitty situation for everyone involved from players to staff but please, Please point the blame at the one responsible.
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    Right now? No. Osiy is showing no signs of life and his the only one who has access to the actual server, So if some things breaks then I don't believe anyone else can fix it and bring the server back up. It was a great run, Its a shame its come to this.
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    15.06.2017. - 15.06.2019. happy B-day Alcadia... ;(
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