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  1. I was in cm as I was also in webzen too.. I was in diameter even before unique accs were introduced in the game... And hell yes, it's boring leveling, it was a hell leveling in cm or webzen and need like a week to make lvls just 1to 30 or a little higher... Thing is that without the presence of the admin server seems dead... hosting and domain are paid so we expect a server crash or domain or hosting to end to stop playing once and for all.. No people on the server means no economy on server... If we need to buy or sell something, no one sells except for PayPal, no one buys because no one wants to spend money for something that seems dead... All this has nothing to do with alla these things you answered... People will always want easy solutions... Until admin comes back there is no solution for anything
  2. is there a way to save UI preferences as default ? i mean i would like to move the "System" tab on the Right Side alone, while having on the left all the rest stuff clean while being able watching the drops etc on a second windows, save the size of it or whatever as a client default choice? Even Tabs i add need to be readded on EVERY TOON seperately...
  3. Well it works perfect in general BUT noticed on my swash (i don't know for other toons) that Block stat doesn't increase when using it... while it should this means less block for swash PLUS no use for "Improved Strike" too..
  4. this poll has no meaning... most people have moved to WoC, but even people who were/are playing here not looking at the forum unless they need it.. thing is that server is dead.... and an MMO actually to be MMO needs people be playing and not like 3 people loging with 5 clients each 😜 personally i moved to WoC and i hate that server for real bugs are sh.1t there, it's not stable etc... and i can assure everyone that Admin here has done a really serious and good job on this server to be in the shape we know it (low lags, being stable, almost everything that is supposed it should be working it's actually working), the rates of real money/CC are great, it's possible for everyone to buy if someone wants too.. problems starts when a) Admin is missing b) noone else is on his place (there should be like 3-4 people watching the server when admin is absent) when WoC started i noticed tonz of botters in the server for example... someone should take care of this problem... i hope this Server makes a comeback so people come back and have fun here again... as i said an MMO needs people to be an MMO... and the thing about servers has nothing to do about loyalty or whatever... i have made donations, like many many others too...i have spent time in this server too.. BUT....
  5. is anyone lagging or it's only me ? today lag is devastating for me but can't figure out... my connection seems fine on everything else..
  6. a) depends on class b) normally it's realm armor sets (though depends on class what's bettter, there are many realms with different styles of armor) c) unique accessories (they still vary on class) d) stones/enchantments or whatever... still they vary on different classes (you woulnd like to use STR on mage, would you? :P) in general it's a combo of many things.
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