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  1. Hello, Just started the server today, everything works good but one major problem. When you charc comes to a dead stop, if you take 7-8 steps at any direction, your charc will randomly re-appear to the same location where you once started moving. So lets say your in a town, and you move your charc outside of a particular town, soon as you stop moving, your charc will go all the way back to the town. Server issue??? I am on win 10, RS2 version. Ran comp as win 7, win 8, win vista sp2, no go. Help needed, thanks. And also, different topic here, sorry about that. Is there a way to run this higher then 2046x1536 cause I can't, no matter what I do. Just to let you all know, JustAc server doesn't do this but I am not looking for tremendous drop rate and exp, I am looking close to the original as possible and this is why I choose this one.
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