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  1. The server need a refresh and the admin is at the time not avaible.
  2. Doesnt matter. Acutally the game is unplayable, because of some buggs.
  3. Hey guys. Now its done. The game is now unplayable. The life and mana recovery potions cant be used anymore. This means I play now WOC or something else. I hope it get fixed or the GM come back soon. I will see you all player in the next time if the buggs get fixed or the server get a restart. So I wish all of you a good time and hoply we see us in the battlefield of AL soon. Good bye AL, good bye you guys.
  4. Kaiuwe


    But still nothing happen, because the server is running and will running .... so why dont play until it could happen? Or even not happen...
  5. Hey guys. After searching for a long time, maybe 5 up to 7 years for a server of AL like CM does it was pretty hard and now I found Alcaida, but its going down. But why all leave the game, only because the Admin is banned in his Real-Life? Let play this game like before and have some fun in AL, BG and HH, doesnt matter if the bugs still there or fixed for some moments. Lets rech this Server to his golden times again and together. I play this game with or without an admin. What you think?
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