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  1. Cant say anything else but shameless non proffesional move from admin to dissapear without a single comment/post about current situation and what is going on. There are some guys who gave him small fortune through donations to buy items and support a server, aswell as people who invested enormous amounts of time to make alcadia best al server. He could notify people through baldur atleast if he cant, but most likely baldur has no idea either whats going on.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20Z1EIcWABQ&t=20s
  3. Vouch for gavala, safe and trusted boi
  4. If u need i sell ranger lv 99 ^^ Zerk is also good critter, but its not ranged class and doesnt have resistance debuff.
  5. WTS SWORD LVL 92 26 dmg 4% crit +1 all skills 0/5 +16 Orc phoenix( only good offers in pm)
  6. Buying zerk top hp+sb zerk pants hp+resi private message me what you got
  7. wtb bril pargon pm me, i need 3-4
  8. Wotafak is that 😂 Blode ring cost 500cc= 1€
  9. 10% ring resistance dagger +1 1% crit rapier lv 55 4% crit 5% stun +1 ice damage 20 0/4 kilt of zwan 11% resistance 210hp 0/3
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