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  1. randal

    wts stuff

    WTS 7k ec 100 mill around 3 slot shuta,blode,biglos, exc fly 3/3 2 slot kark 2/2 good ele top/glove/pants/boots lv 55 chakram scioned ranked ! pm me here with pp price !
  2. randal

    Wtb ec

    Wtb 10 k ec for pp pm me here
  3. randal

    Wtb ele stuff

    Wtb lv 35 boots 3 ylw, 2-bonus, lv 35 cap allstat 25+, all ele res 8+ pm me here.
  4. WTS realm top 4/4 lv 6 stone cf pants 3/3 12% res lv6+ashtal realm glove 2/2 ashtal and 3 best yellow pm me here or in game Thomasin
  5. randal

    w/ Thomasin

    WTB Sorc light or psn top 4slot empty! Mage lv 35 boots with 8-9%block 10+ms, 3 best yellow, and lv 35 cap with 25+allstat and 8+ele res, Lv 92 empty staff dmg20+, ele attack10*, slot 6+ Pm me here or in game Thomasin
  6. randal

    WTS stuffs

    WTS Int shocker 2x Int biglos 14 archon 40 ec ea Many realm Knight cf pants 3 slot 10%res Good knight realm bots 3 ylw 4 slot realm top for knight and ele with 3 yellow! Pm me here or ingame Thomasin.
  7. Bro u dont understand me? I know my toh still expiring at feb 19, but i see on my screen
  8. My toa are 3 day. And other toh i start use on feb 18..
  9. Hey guys i have problem with toa and toh, In principle, it expired yesterday, but I still see it in the right corner of my screen. Relog not work, gamerestart not work and i cant delete it from my inventory. Any1 have any idea?
  10. randal

    wts qq

    WTS 2x lv 6 s b stone glor/int shocker 1 slot exc shocker 2/2 lv 6stam+lv5dim in pm me here or in game Thomasin
  11. randal


    Wtb ecfor pp w me here or ingame Thomasin
  12. randal

    wtb stuff

    Bought! Wtb cf mage pants 12%res +3slot! Lv35 mage cap with allstat 25+, all ele resi 7+
  13. randal

    wtb stuff

    WTB kark , blode 3 slot . pm me here or ingame w Thomasin
  14. randal

    wtb stuff

    wtb normal 3 slot kark or biglos, blode . Mage elite boots/cap lv 35 !! pm me here or ingame Thomasin
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