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  1. 15.06.2017. - 15.06.2019. happy B-day Alcadia... ;(
  2. I will play WoC untill Osiy comes back. Hopefully. I really like Alcadia, its a best server i played after CM, but unfortunately ( and i repeat UNFORTUNATELY ) it is abandoned from Admin, for some reason.
  3. In last more than 2 months he was few times online on forum. He could write, at least, "Hi guys and girls, i have some problems to solve, sorry for the inconvenience".
  4. I pmed him with question how can i send him back money what ive got refunded from tipeeestream, didnt answered eighter, even if he was online in meanwhile...
  5. Delete all from CUSTOMDATA folder. Delete COption.ini from INI folder. Install this: http://alcadiagame.com/install.php restart computer and try again.
  6. In case that you have CC, press T, choose what you want, press middle button PURCHASE.
  7. it happened few times in last 2 weeks that elves took allmost all buffs, with just 7-8 online... i mean, not AFK... And this is a biggest problems by elves, those lazy bastards who just stay in BG and praying for free buffs... Much bigger than mages and archers..
  8. 10 members for guild storage, 20 members for guild mark, 30 members for siege registration.
  9. Skawalker

    Spring Event

    there is a bug, mobs in BG and outside dont dropping boxes.
  10. Skawalker

    Spring Event

    did you started your game with archlord.exe or alefclient.exe ? You need to start archlord.exe to patch the game, or you will not be able to drop anything. You cant see event mobs, because all mobs in CF/asylum/ice/lightning/poison dropping tose boxes.
  11. Skawalker

    Spring Event

    " each monster " means ANY...
  12. Well, as always i apply. Swashtest - Swashbuckler
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