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  1. Hey, The only way to solve this problem is to restart a server. Sadly only an Admin can do that and he's been gone for several months now. No one is sure if the admin is coming back, therefore I suggest you to check up with this server in a few months. Cheers.
  2. For now there are none worth playing. This one was the only one.
  3. WOC MD,DC,VA area slang word that means: Waste Of Cum. Literally.
  4. Wait for 15 min and then log in again.
  5. Yeah, time and money. Thats a bit unprofessional to dissapear like that, but we dont know the whole situation, maybe its a family emergency or smth like, so too early to judge. But on the other hand, one post on forum wouldnt hurt that much.
  6. Pmed him on Wednesday regarding this, still no response.
  7. start the game with alefclient file
  8. Hey, go to alcadia discord channel and input !donate in freechat, you will receive new donation links automatically.
  9. If you really want to play archlord, this the best place for that. The server is active and fun. Prices of items reduced drastically lately, for example excellent kark 0/3 (the most expensive uniq acc) used to cost around 100k=200 EUR, now it costs just half of that. Due to some changes with exp rates you can get to lvl 71 in few hours, meanwhile getting to 99 might take few days or few weeks, depending what ToAs you will use. But since there are bunch 100/200% ToAs for sale, it should not take long for you. Personally for me Alcadia has been nothing but great experience. I met some old friends here and made new ones. Currently I am not that active, coming mostly just for sieges, but I suggest you to give it a try.
  10. Excellent gadius rings for tanking. Execellent ohkeros, intel shutas for damage. Regarding neck probably intel luke/ intel shocker.
  11. Hey, contact an Admin or go to Alcadia discord channel and write !donate in free-chat, you will be automatically provided with donation links.
  12. Voldonx is on vacation this week, but he will be back soon. Ichi's name here is Ichigo, but hes usually active only during sieges. See you mate!
  13. Hey and welcome. Most of the players here are old players from early days of archlord, therefore I am pretty sure you will meet some familiar faces/names. Guys like Voldonx and Ichigohollow are playing here, but they are in PKU4LIFE. Feel free to join. Enjoy your time in Chantra world again.
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