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  1. I'm gonna try that "world of chantra" server. lvl140 sounds cool.
  2. you can't move with w.a.s.d. keys. You have to use mouse
  3. you have to wish upon a shooting star. hf and gl here. p.s. Baldur, .......nvm.
  4. No one, duh.... How's alcadia? I bet the discord is boring now haha. See you in 2020 when scion come
  5. I vote to ban him because of his toxicity.
  6. he knows I'm joking
  7. how was your event guys?
  8. should be banned for spending 300 on a fckin mount. should be put in a mental hospital also.
  9. Even JUSTAC is having an Easter event hahaha.
  10. Used to be fun, quite like justac now. A little bit more people on alcadia but less to do. Its gets boring fast. 99 is fast.
  11. Probably some boost or a box event
  12. No, leave my nigga alone. Grow thick skin and be quiet.
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