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Archlord Video Event

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To celebrate the arrival of the Archlord Battle, we decided to host a video event in which you can show us and everyone else your point of view in the first Archlord Battle.

▷ Rules:
- The video has to be at least 2 minutes long.
- You have to include a reference to www.alcadiagame.com in the video and description.
- You have to use Youtube as video platform.
- You need to include the forum name which you use to post your video.

▷ Rewards:
1st place: 40.000 CC
2st place: 25.000 CC
3rd place: 10.000 CC
Everyone who submitted a video which fulfills the rules: 500 CC

▷ How we'll rank each video:
- Amount of likes (We will take the average of all submitted videos)
- Amount of views (We will take the average of all submitted videos)
- Video quality (Will be judged by the staff)
- Edit Quality (Will be judged by the staff)

Every category will give a maximum of 20 points.
If someone has the same amount of points as someone else, the winner who has more "Edit quality" points will win.

▷ Event Period:
- Entry period will open at September 3rd, 10.00 (GMT+1) .
- Entry period will close at September 16th, 10.00 (GMT+1).
- Winners will be announced at September 22nd, 10.00 (GMT+1).

▷ How to submit a video:
1. Upload the video to youtube.
2. Add the following to the description:

Forum name: "your forum name"

Make sure you replace "your forum name" with your actual forum name.

3. Submit the video on the forum like:

Character name: Baldur


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Ranking is as follows based on criteria mentioned above:
1. Plix - 73/80
2. Kaido - 62.69/80
3. Legendary - 62.67/80
4. Voldonx - 60.95/80
5. Selmya - 50/80

Rewards have been distributed, we've also given 4th and 5th places 3.000 CC simply for participating. Thanks for participating.

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