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GvG Event

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We're hosting a GvG event in which you can show how powerful your Guild is.

■ Tournament Period:
- March 16th, 20.00 (GMT+1)
If there is no winner till midnight(00:00), fights will continue the next day from 18:00 - 19:30

■ Tournament Location:
- Guild Battle Square

■ Tournament Rules:

  • Each team can have a maximum of 10 Players
  • Each fight will be a best of 3
  • Each class is restricted to 2 at a time
  • Each fight will last 5 minutes unless every player of a guild is dead
  • If there is no winner after 5 minutes, the guild with most alive players wins
  • If same amount of players are alive, there will be a next round.
  • There are NO skill restrictions, you are allowed to use every skill including invisibility skills
  • You are allowed to use food
  • Every potion type is allowed except Extra-large Healing Potions(100% HP recovery)

■ Tournament Flow:

  • Each leader has to enter the tournament by using command /gvg before the event starts. Registration will open 1 hour before event starts.
  • Who is fighting against whom is random
  • Leaders are able to use command /gvg_add to add members (member has to be online) to the list or /gvg_kick to kick a member from the list.
  • Before each fight, a notice about who is fighting against whom will appear
  • Each guild will be summoned into the Arena.
  • Between rounds, there will be a 30 second period where players who left during previous round can enter the arena by using command /gvg.
  • Once those 30 seconds have passed, buffs will be reseted and you won't be able to relog anymore.
  • A countdown of 1 minute will appear in which you can prepare for the fight.
  • Once the countdown of 1 minute has passed, each team will be summoned into a corner and the fight will start.

■ Tournament Prizes:

  • 1st Place: 5000 CC for every member who participates + guildwinmark.pngGolden Guild Mark
  • 2nd Place: 3000 CC for every member who participates +guildwinmark_silver.pngSilver Guild Mark

■ FAQ:
Q: What if someone crashes in the middle of the fight?
A: You will be able to go back with command /gvg during preparation of next round if there's one.

Q: Why is the event on saturday, some of my members won't be able to join?
A: Unfortunately it is not possible to pick a perfect time, there will always be someone who won't be able to attend the event. 
    We're planning to host this event regularly and therefore we might change the Date/Time for the future.

Q: Can I help an allied guild and also attend the fight with my own guild?
A: No, that won't be possible. As long as the event is ongoing, guilds who participate won't be able to kick members.

Q: Can I change my members inbetween fights?
A: Yes, by using command /gvg_add (to add) and /gvg_kick (to kick) members.

Q: Does the member who I invite have to be online?
A: Yes.

Q: Is there a way I can see who is currently in my list?
A: Yes, by using command /gvg_list.

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We've updated the Tournament Flow and also added two more questions to the FAQ.

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We've updated the Tournament Flow, added the commands and also added some more questions to the FAQ.
This should be the last edit before the event starts.

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